About us

Winterfell Ravens are open to all those who tread the path between darkness and light. It is easier to say who we are not. We are not Mother Theresa; we do not look to save the whole world. We are not brutal dictators that seek to subjugate the world. We are “Ravens” we ride that fine line between the darkness and the light, we are the messengers, the cry of something to come and not the cause. We are neither good nor evil, while we may play Alliance; we play our characters the way they should best be played.

We value the qualities of honor, companionship, and fair play. All members are expected to uphold the name of Winterfell Ravens at all times in their behavior both within guildhalls (on site) and with others. Honor in dueling, honor in dividing the spoils of battle, honor in the hunt. These qualities are expected and sought in our members.

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